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Mauma Mia Egyptian Mau Breeders

CFA & TICA Registered Egyptian Mau Cattery

Well, hold onto your whiskers, because Mauma Mia Egyptian Mau Cattery from sunny Tampa, Florida, to the war zone of Nikolaev, Ukraine (два locations), are here to introduce you to the cat world’s crown jewel! 🐾 Behold the Egyptian Mau – often hailed as the “King of Cats!”

Our kittens make their grand entrance into the world right in our very own bedroom, usually in the dead of night (because, of course, kittens are the masters of surprise!) 🌙 We’re all about hands-on experience, so we start bonding with our little fluffballs from the very first day. We’re raising feline social butterflies here! 🦋

Mauma Mia is your premier Egyptian Mau breeder and our spotted cats and kittens aren’t just residents – they’re fully-fledged members of our family. No cages for these majestic furballs! 🏠💕

You can think of us as a cozy, at-home kitty oasis! Our little hobby cattery is all about nurturing the well-being, allure, and personality of these enchanting feline friends. We’re all about the mystique of this cat breed, and our passion extends to hitting up cat shows and occasionally welcoming some adorable Egyptian Mau kittens for sale and into the mix. 😺💫

About Me 🇺🇸 🇺🇦

The name’s Elizaveta, but you can keep it sweet and simple with Liza. I’ve been strutting my stuff with Egyptian Maus for quite a few years. Not too long ago, I had to pack my bags and leave my homeland, and now I’m here in the USA with my Mau companions.

My parents refuse to leave Ukraine 🤷, and we also have some cats there too as well just in case you’re wondering why we’re breeding Mau’s in the USA and Ukraine.

About the Egyptian Mau 🐾

Now that’s enough about me, but nice to meet you. 🤝

Let’s talk about the Egyptian Mau, the cats that are like the pharaohs of the feline world – but with a playful twist:

Purrfectly Unique Look: Egyptian Maus sport a coat that’s the envy of Hollywood stars. It’s like they’re always ready to hit the red carpet with those striking spots and those mesmerizing green eyes. They’re basically the cat version of runway models!

Cat-tastic History: These cool cats have a history that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where they were rock stars. Imagine having a cat with that kind of legendary ancestry. It’s like adopting a bit of ancient history!

Playful Royalty: Egyptian Maus may look regal, but they’re the life of the party. They’ll pounce on anything that moves, cuddle with you for hours, and bring a dose of fun to your daily life. They’re like little entertainers in fur coats.

Whiskers of Wisdom: These cats aren’t just good-looking; they’re smart too! You can teach them tricks, and they love brain-teasers. It’s like having an agile little Einstein at home, but way furrier!

Loyal Sidekicks: They’re not just cats; they’re your sidekicks. Egyptian Maus stick with you like your shadow, keeping you company and showing you affection like a true friend.

Zoom-Zoom Agility: These cats have the need for speed. They’re like the sports cars of the cat world, zooming around the house and performing amazing acrobatics. It’s like living with a furry Olympic athlete! No joke, Egyptian Maus are the fastest domestic cat breed on the planet, check it out for yourself: fastest domestic cat Google search.

No Bad Hair Days: Forget spending hours on grooming. Their low-maintenance coats mean you can spend more time playing and less time brushing.

Purr-fect Pest Control: Egyptian Maus have kept their hunting instincts intact. They’ll chase toys like they’re on a mission and can even help you keep your home critter-free.

Health and Longevity: With good care, they tend to stay healthier and live longer, giving you more years of fun and love.

In a nutshell 🥜, Egyptian Maus are like a royal masquerade ball in your living room – with all the glitz, glamour, and playful charm you could ever hope for in a feline companion. 🐾😸

Now that you’ve journeyed through time and across oceans with the Egyptian Mau, isn’t it time to make your home the next stop on this delightful adventure? These playful, regal, and time-traveling kitties are ready to bring a touch of ancient Egypt to your modern life.

Why wait? Give an Egyptian Mau a loving home, and let the playful charm and enigmatic beauty of these fabulous felines light up your world. Are you ready to embark on this purrfectly magical journey? Say yes right “mau” to a new furry friend today! 🐾😻💫