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Egyptian Mau Characteristics

When you stumble upon those ancient Egyptian artworks, you’re basically peering into the kitty family album of the Egyptian Mau – the cat that time forgot to change. These cats, with their posh lineage and a look that’s practically a blast from the past, are like the cat world’s version of a vintage classic, and they’re the only naturally spotted cats approved by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Pretty fancy, right?

Now, brace yourself for a feline fashion show! The Egyptian Mau is the cat equivalent of a runway model with its shiny spotted coat and dazzling gooseberry-green eyes. It’s like they’ve got an entire galaxy of stars right on their fur – way cooler than any designer clothes!


These Maus are like the cool kids of the cat world, and guess what? They didn’t even need a stylist. They rock those spots like it’s nobody’s business.

Check out those lean, mean, and super-athletic bodies. Their back legs are longer than the front ones, so they’re always ready to bust out some dance moves or high jumps. Seriously, they’re like the Michael Jordan of the cat world. They’ve got a bonus feature too – a little extra skin flap from their side to knee, which makes them the ultimate jumping machines.

And forget about boring old stripes – these Maus are all about the spots. You can spot (pun intended) a Mau by its sleek dorsal stripe from head to tail. They come in six fabulous colors: silver, bronze, smoke, black, caramel, and blue/pewter – it’s like having a rainbow of cats. Their heads are slightly oblong, and they usually sport an “M” shape or a “scarab beetle” marking on their foreheads – it’s like they’ve got a built-in signature look. Their eyes? Almond-shaped stunners in a captivating shade of green.


The Egyptian Mau isn’t just a pretty face; they’re brainy and loyal. These cats are the Leonardo da Vincis of the feline world. They often pick one special human to be their BFF, but they’re also super loving to the entire family. According to Sandra Woodley, the head honcho at The Egyptian Mau Club, they might play hard to get with strangers at first but watch out – they’ll be on the fast track to cuddle city in no time.

“They might put on the mysterious act at first, maybe even a vanishing act,” Woodley says. “But give them some time, and they’ll be snuggling up to the new buddy.”

These playful Maus are the cat’s pajamas with kids who know their cat etiquette, and they get along with other furry siblings when introduced early.

They may not talk your ear off like a Siamese, but they’ve got their own little language going on. Meows, chirps, whistles, and chortles – it’s like living with a tiny opera singer. And when they’re in high spirits, they break out the “wiggle tale,” a dance move that’s part territorial claim, part dry performance art.

“The Egyptian Mau is the life of the cat party,” Woodley gushes. “They’re playful and have a quirky sense of humor. Some even fetch toys, and they’re not afraid to make a splash – literally. They love sticking their heads under a running tap. Oh, and they’re outdoor enthusiasts – in a safe space, of course.”

Living Needs

If you’re hoping for a couch potato cat, you’re barking up the wrong pyramid. Maus need action! They’re like the Olympic athletes of the cat world, so get ready for interactive playtime, cat trees, and even a cat wheel to keep them entertained. Oh, and they’re outdoorsy types too. With some harness training, Maus are up for safe and fun outdoor adventures.

They also have a taste for the high life. If you skip the cat tree, don’t be surprised if you find them ruling over your fridge or bookshelf like a furry queen or king.

Egyptian Maus crave attention, but they’re not too needy. They can handle some solo time. Still, if your life keeps you away, consider getting them a furry friend to stave off furniture redecorating caused by separation anxiety.


Maus may shed a bit, so they’re not on the hypoallergenic cat list, but they’re neat freaks when it comes to grooming. They enjoy a good brushing, and it’s like a spa day for them. Once or twice a week, and you’re good to go.

When you welcome a Mau kitten into your palace, make sure they’ve got a cozy bed, a clean litter box, and all the food and water they can dream of. As with any new pet, give them space to adjust and provide the litter they’re used to.

Thanks to some feline matchmaking in the 20th century, common cat ailments are old news. But don’t slack on the vet visits. You should also take care of their ears, brush their pearly whites, and give their claws a trim.


The Egyptian Mau isn’t your average tabby; they’re like living relics. Those spotted cats in ancient Egyptian art? They’re basically the grandparents of today’s Egyptian Maus, according to The Egyptian Mau Club. While we can’t pinpoint their exact origins (it’s like chasing a tail), one thing is for sure: cats that look like Maus have been catwalking in art for over 3,000 years.

The world caught Mau fever when Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy brought three Egyptian Maus with her on a journey from Italy to the Big Apple in 1956. They became the cat’s meow.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) gave them the red carpet treatment in 1977. Egyptian Maus are still the supermodels of the cat world, but they remain a rare find. Only around 200 Egyptian Mau kittens strut their stuff every year.