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πŸ‘‘ Meet Our King Kenu: The Majestic Leader of the Pride πŸ‘‘

CFA Registered Egyptian Mau Breeders

In the realm of Egyptian Maus, our distinguished male holds his head high as the reigning King. He’s not just a feline; he’s the noble patriarch of our cattery, and his charisma and elegance are unmatched.

Personality: Our King Kenu is the epitome of an Egyptian Mau: regal, intelligent, and fiercely loyal. His sleek, spotted coat and captivating gooseberry green eyes make him a true showstopper. He exudes an air of confidence and grace wherever he goes.

🏑 Home Life: When he’s not busy patrolling his kingdom, King Kenu enjoys basking in the sun and indulging in his playful side. He’s a proud and protective father to his adorable kittens, passing down his royal lineage.

King Kenu’s legacy is interwoven with the fabric of our cattery, and his descendants inherit not only his breathtaking looks but also his noble spirit. He’s a symbol of power and grace, and we’re privileged to have him as our feline monarch.

Stay tuned for updates on King Mau’s litters and his majestic adventures! πŸ‘‘πŸΎπŸ‘